Lifestyle Charters are delighted to be the representative of Smart Yacht for the Western Mediterranean region

Make the best use of your yacht.

Most yacht owners only use their yacht 4-6 weeks per year. A sensible alternative is yacht co-ownership: sharing the yacht with others and thereby reducing the purchase and maintenance costs of the yacht.

SmartYacht brings together suitable shareholders – depending on the type of yacht, desired location and personal use requirements. Additionally, SmartYacht ensures all is in place for smooth operations between co-owners. This can encompass overseeing the contract design, the movement of funds, property protection and professional yacht management. With a yacht shared ownership you can enjoy all the advantages of a yacht without much effort on your part and at a low cost.

“Our free time is limited and precious. SmartYacht helps us enjoy our yacht without stress and also saves us a lot of money.”

Where does your yachting dream begin?


Shared costs - All the fun

Yacht Co-ownership saves you a lot of money. By sharing the purchase and maintenance costs, you’ll get more out of your investment. This more affordable and sensible model also ensures advantages for upkeep and maintenance of the yacht with more regular use

Flexible use - just the way you want it

Your desired holiday period is guaranteed! Additionally, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying a yacht holiday at short notice. This is possible because SmartYacht brings together shareholders with differing usage wishes, making it one of the best yacht shared ownership options in the market. A 3-season system guarantees the availability of your yacht during each season.

Be your own captain or enjoy a professional crew

The choice is yours: Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced yacht owner, whether you prefer a year-round on-board crew, a temporary skipper upon request or wish to captain the yacht yourself, SmartYacht will ensure you get exactly what you want.